Welcome to IOSI Global 2021 Sponsorship Levels

Dear Potential Sponsor,

I am reaching out to share an opportunity to partner with us to grow a unique intelligence sharing platform. We are currently involved in several Global Projects: NarcoImpact, Human Trafficking, Gender-Based Violence, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and Child Sex Abuse. Your support is the key to the success of our Global Projects.

At the Global Organization for Security and Intelligence (IOSI), we are motivated by the idea that modern problems require modern solutions. That’s why we have developed the IOSI Members Network Platform, a cooperative online environment created to combat criminal activities at the local level worldwide.

IOSI is an independent, global not-for-profit organization working to building a better society by fighting our world’s most pressing problems. We accomplish this by providing private and public organizations with valuable tools to prepare and implement online and offline awareness-raising in security and intelligence.

The IOSI Platform strives to catalyze a global shift away from old paradigms by serving as a virtual safe space for persons from every sector and every nation involved in security and intelligence. On the secure and private IOSI Platform, members can freely exchange opinions in a trustworthy and safe space. The platform allows everyone to publish articles anonymously if they so desire; hence, issues relating to criminal behavior can be exposed confidently among other critical matters.

The ability to post anonymously opens doors to victims or other individuals caught up in the criminal world of narcotics to share sensitive information they would otherwise be unable to due to realistic fears for their safety.

The success of the IOSI Platform, along with our other Global Projects, hinges on active involvement of a growing and engaged member base. Therefore, I invite you to consider sponsoring IOSI in 2021 to reap the benefits of engaging with our network as we work to solve our society’s greatest ills.

Through your sponsorship, we will leverage our growing network to help you build trust, promote your brand, and create goodwill among our worldwide audience, which includes more than 25,000 renowned experts in security and intelligence professionals from 197 countries in our LinkedIn community.

Your sponsorship will allow IOSI Global to maintain its political independence while covering the expenses involved in developing and maintaining our platform and succeed in our Global Projects.

In order to maximize the exposure that comes with sponsorship, I ask that you reserve the sponsorship level of your choosing and submit your payment as soon as possible. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit our website and LinkedIn page to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved.

Thank you kindly for your consideration! From all of us at IOSI, we wish you a healthy and prosperous year 2021.

Kind regards,



Please review the sponsorship levels in this packet for information about the benefits of supporting our work. We will be happy to discuss additional ways to recognize your brand by creating a custom sponsorship package.

Free access to Pro-membership (IOSI membership platform and IOSI app) Up to 125 members Up to 75 members Up to 50 members Up to 25 members Up to 10 members
Sponsor’s logo - IOSI Web site, and The End of The Year 2021 - IOSI Global Sec. And Intelligence report. Logo with back link on emails to members Top - Large Medium Small Bold Name Name
The promotion of IOSI global projects campaigns – Sponsors Logo Top - Large Medium Small Bold Name Name
Sponsors Logo in original IOSI viral video campaigns Monthly Top - Large Medium Small Bold Name Name
Personalized Email from IOSI with the Thank You 60k+ 30k+ 20k+ 10k+
IOSI Logo on the Sponsors website pro linked with IOSI website.
Personalized email 100k+ promoting IOSI global projects campaigns with sponsor’s logo 12 x 6 x 3 x 2 x 1 x
Digital Badge app. and Digital Certificate downloads 125x 75x 50x 25x 10x
Certificate for our Honor Sponsor – printed with sponsors 3D logo
Leather Wallet - ID card – RFID – Badge 15x 10x 5x 2x 1x
Members/Users Platform – Sponsors Banner Top - Large Medium Small Bold Name Name
All legal documents for Sponsors accounting
Pay Now Pay Now Pay Now Pay Now Pay Now

Sponsorship payments are accepted online here or by wire transfer payable to The Global Organization for Security and Intelligence (IOSI) | 251 Laurier Ave. West, Suite 900 | Ottawa, Ontario. K1P 5J6 | Canada. IOSI is registered under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, Federal Corporation Number: 1213401-2. D-U-N-S® Number: 203696021.

Every sponsorship will be done based on sponsorship agreements. The agreements will outline the recognition or other rights the sponsor is entitled to receive on account of making the gift related to the category of the sponsorship levels.

Questions can be directed to IOSI Fundraising & Engagement Leadership department at: